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Overview of Projects

12th May 2014

Brokk 800, SSI Steel, Redcar, Runner Wreck

The first Brokk 800 Process machine, purchased by Runtech Ltd. After a full reline in this trough, this was the first wreck within the troughs working life.

4th May 2014

Brokk 400 - Tilter and Runner wreck, Blast Furnace, Tata Steel, Port Talbot

Brokk Scabbler Demo cleans tilters and runners.

12th April 2014

Brokk 300d - Queen Anne Blast Furnace Reline, Tata Steel, Scunthrope, UK

Runtech joined forces with Tata Steel and Veolia on the £30 Million rebuild of the Queen Anne Blast Furnace, Scunthorpe.

20th November 2013

Brokk 160 Demo, Tata Steel Deburer Tunnel cleaning, Tata Steel Port Talbot

Brokk cleaning side shoots. Good access and visability at all times using the Brokk.