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Health & Safety


Powering through the twenty first century technology, the Brokk machine's simply are magnificent! With its remote control facility it allows the operator to operate the machine from a safe working distance. Compared to other plant machinery on the market the Brokk machine's remove the "man out of the cab" where the machine can be sent into dangerous area's without putting any personnel at risk.

Camera systems can be installed to any of the Brokk machines and controlled by using a TV Screen. This allows the machine to work in the most hazardous areas where its not safe for humans to enter.

Runtech treat Health and Safety as Number one priority so promoting this product has come easily. Feedback from major sites across the UK have been excellent as Safety is being prioritised and this has a niche within the product. 

The machine can be adapted to work in extreme environments, the operator can operate the machine from a safe haven.